Thursday, July 12, 2012


This beautiful girl happens to be my cousin sister (Rizu) who is also an amazing singer here in Maldives.. This is the hair and makeup we did on her for the Maldives Film Awards where she went to name the winners. 

This is one of those few award shows here that our actors and singers get to glam up and show off. Not only to receive the awards was on their minds, but a bit of competition was also there to show up stylish. 

Rizu definitely made the top list by choosing to wear this young but elegant design  by well-known designer Rimie.
(You can find her on facebook, Both Rizu and Rimie worked out the dress perfectly. Paired the dress with yellow earrings and shoes.

As for the makeup, I covered her face and neck area with Kryolan's FS36 and Chinese. To settle it, I used natural mineral, foundation fixing powder by Elianto. Used a white, nude, light blue and light purple eye shadows to create this look. Defined her eyes with winged eye lining. Used a peach blusher shade for the cheeks and did the lips in a very light pink. 

The hair: She liked to have her hair curled and pinned to a side, so I did just that for her.. Used styling mousse on hair and then used a curling iron for the curls. Used hair spray for extra hold and then topped it off with some shine spray. (The curling part was done by my sister in law, Nasu who also works part time at the salon).

I hope Rizu makes it huge in the singer's industry. Best of luck sister!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


When i finish doing makeup and hair for photo-shoots, my nervousness doesn't stop till I see the final picture. And when I received this picture, it was my proudest moment. Nishan (photographer), Revi (concept &design), Mary (the best model in the whole of Maldives) and me, we all worked so hard for this shoot. It took us about 6 to 7 hours to have this beautiful shot. I've never been this proud. This one is the ad for my salon.

The Makeup - did a matte finish foundation cover and used warm eyeshadow shades, matching her beautiful skin tone. Applied eyeliner on the top lash line and on the 2/3rds of the lower lash line. Used blusher and lipstick in near-to-nude shades.

The hair - kept the hair sweet and simple with side-kept romantic curls.

A huge thanks to Revi (I'll never forget all that you are doing for me!), Nishan and Mary for believing in me and helping me have the best ad, ever!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Mariyam Waheedha is probably the most famous TV Host in the Maldives. She is a woman of elegance, honesty and intelligence. And I am so thankful that she chooses me to do her makeup every time. It has now been about 2 years since we've been working together and this is one of the recent looks that i did for her.

The makeup - at first i covered her face and neck evenly with Kryolan's paint sticks, fs36 and chinese. I followed that with Janet's (a famous brand from Sri Lanka and it works wonders on our skin types) almond glow and chinese pancake foundations, which gave me this amazing and flawless finish in matte and then I also did go for a matte finish powder from Oriflame (a Swedish brand sold in Sri Lanka). Used nude eyeshadow colors and swept a smooth line with a flick at the end on the top lash line. I used cake liner for this (Kryolan). Applied mascara, did her eyebrows and applied just a hint of blush in coral shade. Finished off the look with my favorite lipstick - 21 pink fortress from Streetwear.

The Hair - blow dried , used a large barreled curling iron to curl 2/3rd of her length, used hair mousse to hold the style. Without breaking the curls, i used a comb to sweep her hair to a side. Held the hair in one hand and then took out a small section with the other. I rolled this section tightly around the hair and used two grip pins (bobby pins) to secure it in place. Sprayed some hair spray to keep down the little strays and topped it off wit shine spray.

This is a picture that i took by myself in the salon after i completed the look.

Friday, June 1, 2012

BASIC BRUSHES - The must-haves! 
I usually use a lot of brushes for my makeups, but below are the basic ones that i just cannot do without. Which are also very important for any new comer into this field. Lets start from top to bottom.

a. Powder brush: used to apply powder onto the face. I prefer to use circular movements which allows me to evenly apply powder onto the face and it blends pretty well.

b. Blush brush: this one actually looks like a foundation brush, but it is a blush brush. It has a great texture and lets me apply blush perfectly. 

c. Eyeshadow brush: this flat eyeshadow brush is easy for use with any kind of eyeshadow (pressed, powder, cream, etc, however, i recommend you use two brushes, one for dark colors and the other for light colors - this way your work will be neat).

d. Lip/concealer brush: this brush can be used to apply both lipstick and concealer - you have to clean after applying either.

e. Brow/lash brush: I use this to brush off excess powder and foundation from the brows and bring them to shape, and some use this to groom the brows when tweezing or threading them.

f. Smudger brush: this brush helps you to smugde any harsh lines, blend the eyeshadow colors and are especially useful when doing smokey eyes (you can also use a sponge-tipped applicator for this purpose).

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This is an idea a friend of mine (Shamma, from, came up with as she was helping me with my blog. Last night she suggested that i do something for the make up beginners so here I am with "The Basics". For a beginner there is nothing such as a 'rule of make up', it just depends on your creativity and skills. But its always so much easy on the eyes when you do what you do with some points in mind. So, first of all here's a sketch that i drew up last night as I am not that good with drawing on the computer (not that I'm a good at drawing either).

First of all it is good if you know the terms used. Sketch a, will help you when reading my posts as I'll be using them and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. That is what the first diagram is about.

The sketch b, is the style that i usually follow when I'm doing normal makeups (it does not have to be the exact way to apply color, but this will keep things simple yet elegant). 

I really hope this was helpful. I have also started working on another post which will help you further when applying color. Come back again for Part Two.

Monday, May 21, 2012



A few days back i wanted to try colorful makeup on a dark skin tone, and i couldn't think of anyone more beautiful than Suha (aka Suppi or as I like to call her 'My Mulan'). Young, and a fresh face away from any form of media, Suppi gave me the time for this shoot. A big thank you. And once again this is the work of my favorite photographer, Millzero, thanks to you.

About the makeup - I covered her face with a mix of Kryolan TV Paint Stick, Dark Egyptian and Chinese and then set the foundation with loose powder.
Applied Jordana primer to the eyelids and applied a light beige highlighter shade under the brows. I used a shimmery coral-orange in the inner half of the eyelids, as well as under the inner half of the lower lash line.I chose a turquoise shade for the outer half of the eyelids and opted for a purple for outer half of the lower lash line, all in shimmery textures.
I went for a medium-thick black liner with a flick at the end on the top lash lash and used white pencil liner on the water line (both the liners in Gosh). Used two coats of mascara and made up her eyebrows with an Elianto deep brown brow liner.
Added a hint of blush to the checks and made up the lips with a mix of two shades of lipstick to bring out the closest color which matched the shade that I  used for the eyes.

The hair - Did a flick-in blow dry and swept back the hair to a side and secured withe grip pins. I left a section of hair on the sides to give some softness to the face.

Enjoy this look and more coming 

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This is one of my recent experimental work done for a photo shoot by one of the best photographers i know, whose work you can see by the signature name, 'Millzero Photography" (Ali Nishan). Thank you Millzero for giving me great shots every time.  And the model is my beautiful friend Sophu, who has always let me experiment my makeup, who has undergone hours and hours of work on her face, without a single question.

About the makeup - I've gone for a very nude eye makeup with bold lashes and defined ruby red lips. And I have used medium-sized gold sequins on the side of her face, to give some drama for this look (this is the first time I used sequins for a photo shoot although i use them for my training classes to teach my students.)

The hair - I added some volume on top of her head with back combing, braided 2 pieces and then placed them on the hairline and used grip pins to secure them. I let the rest of her long locks fall down, which i believe completed this look.

I really enjoyed doing this makeup.